Saturday, August 23, 2008

Reviews From The Archive: Kathleen Edwards - Asking For Flowers

[Originally published on, August 2008.]

Kathleen Edwards- Asking For Flowers

Overlooked album of the year? Despite being released five months ago, Asking For Flowers remains in heavy rotation on my iPod, exposing fresh nuances with each listen. Canadian-bred Edwards mines the same bittersweet territory as Patty Griffin or Lucinda Williams, but she arguably bests both of their recent efforts with her third, career-making album. Moments both heart-rending (“Alicia Ross”) and boisterous (“The Cheapest Key”) fire on all cylinders, culminating in “Sure As S**t,” whose profanity-laced title disguises Flowers’ tenderest love song. Anyone with even a passing interest in the genre needs to check out Kathleen Edwards immediately: It’s hard to imagine a stronger female songwriter record dropping in 2008.

See the original review here... and order it through Manifest!

Hmmm... I hate hockey, but I kinda like this video. Discuss.

While not my favorite song off Asking For Flowers, this probably is the best introduction.
Check out the(coincidentally) opening track, "Buffalo."

And how much do I love a woman who covers AC/DC? Lots! This is a live version of "Moneytalks" from Kathleen's now out-of-print EP, Live From The Bowery Ballroom.

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